Aleksandr Ivanovich Barannikov

Barannikov, Aleksandr Ivanovich


Born 1858, in Putivl’, Kursk Province; died Aug. 6 (18), 1883. Russian revolutionary; populist.

In 1876, Barannikov left the Pavlov Military School in St. Petersburg to “go to the people.” In early 1877 he was one of the founders of Land and Liberty. Along with S. M. Krav-chinskii he took part in the attempt on the life of P. I. Mezentsov, the chief of the gendarmes (1878). After the split in Land and Liberty (1879), he joined the executive committee of People’s Will. He participated actively in the preparation of the attempt on the life of Alexander II. He was arrested in St. Petersburg on Jan. 25,1881 and brought to trial in the “Trial of the 20” (1882). He was sentenced to hard labor for life. He died of tuberculosis in the Aleksei Ravelin of Peter and Paul Fortress.


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