Aleksandr Ivanovich Nikitskii

Nikitskii, Aleksandr Ivanovich


Born Jan. 25 (Feb. 6), 1842, in Cherepovets, now in Vologda Oblast; died Nov. 10 (22), 1886, in Warsaw. Russian historian.

Nikitskii graduated from the University of Kiev in 1866. In 1873 he became professor of Russian history at the University of Warsaw. He was an exponent of the state school of Russian bourgeois historiography. Nikitskii studied the history of Novgorod and Pskov from the 11th to the 15th centuries. He depicted the Novgorod Land as an integral economic and political entity and described its ties with the rest of Rus’. Socioeconomic themes occupied an important place in his research.


Ocherk vnutrennei istorii Pskova. St. Petersburg, 1873.
Ocherk vnutrennei istorii tserkvi v Velikom Novgorode. St. Petersburg, 1879.
Istoriia ekonomicheskogo byta Velikogo Novgoroda. Moscow, 1893.


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