Aleksandr Kasianov

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Kas’ianov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich


Born Aug. 17 (29), 1891, in the village of Bolobonovo, now in Pil’na Raion, Gorky Oblast. Soviet composer and teacher. People’s Artist of the USSR (1971).

Kas’ianov graduated from the Petrograd Conservatory in 1917. In 1918 he moved to Nizhny Novgorod (now Gorky). From 1924 to 1949 he headed the music section of the drama theater and worked in the Radio Center (1930 to 1941). In 1951 he began teaching theoretical subjects at the Gorky Conservatory, becoming a professor in 1957. A master of choral writing, he has made extensive use of the intonation of Volga song folklore. Kas’ianov has composed five operas, including Stepan Razin (1939; second version, 1953, Gorky), Foma Gordeev (1946; second version, 1966, Gorky), and Ermak (1957, Gorky), as well as cantatas, orchestral works, instrumental pieces, works for piano, choral works, and songs. His romances are among the important contributions to Soviet chamber and vocal music. Kas’ianov has been awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and various medals.


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