Aleksandr Kokorinov

Kokorinov, Aleksandr Filippovich


Born June 29 (July 10), 1726, in Tobol’sk; died Mar. 10 (21), 1772, in St. Petersburg. Russian architect.

Kokorinov began his training in Tobol’sk in 1740; he subsequently studied at D. V. Ukhtomskii’s architectural school in Moscow. Beginning in 1754 he lived in St. Petersburg, where he became the director of the Academy of Arts in 1761. Kokorinov was appointed a professor at the academy in 1765 and became its rector in 1769.

Kokorinov’s early works, such as the palace estate of K. G. Razumovskii at Petrovsko-Razumovskoe in Moscow (1752–53, later rebuilt), were influenced by baroque architecture. His later works were built in the style of early classicism and include the palace of K. G. Razumovskii (1762–66) and the Academy of Arts building (1764 -88, with J. B. M. Vallin de la Mothe)— both are in Leningrad.


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