Aleksandr Kubalov

Kubalov, Aleksandr Zakhar’evich


Born Oct. 9, 1871; died 1937. Soviet Ossetian writer.

Kubalov was born in the village of Staryi Batakoiurt in Northern Ossetia. He graduated from the law faculty of the University of Kiev in 1899 and practiced law throughout his life. In 1897 he published the folk-heroic poem Afkhardty Khasana, which was widely acclaimed. In 1906 his poetic rendition of the legends of the Narty epic entitled Narty Heroes appeared. Important works of the Soviet period include the narrative poems The Feast ofAlguz (1924) and The Last Feast (1925) and the historical play The Death of Chief Alguz (1925). Kubalov also translated classics of Russian and world literature into Ossetic. His reminiscences of Kosta Khetagurov are significant.


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