Aleksandr Mikhailovich Markovich

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Markovich, Aleksandr Mikhailovich


Born Aug. 20 (31), 1790, in the village of Svarkovo, now in Glukhov Raion, Sumy Oblast; died Dec. 15 (27), 1865. Ukrainian historian and ethnographer.

Markovich graduated from the University of Kharkov. He served in the Chernigov provincial administration and was elected provincial marshal of the dvorianstvo (nobility or gentry). He participated in the preparation for the peasant reform of 1861 and was the author of a rejected plan to free the peasants and grant them the right to buy the land they tilled (1852). Markovich’s main works, which are devoted to the history of the dvorianstvo and the customs and mores and the ethnographic characteristics of the Ukraine, are descriptive in nature and are of great value because of the factual material used by the author.


Istoricheskaia i statisticheskaia zapiska o dvorianskom soslovii i dvorianskikh imushchestvakh Chernigovskoi gubernii. Chernigov, 1894.


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