Aleksandr Nikolaevich Lebedev

Lebedev, Aleksandr Nikolaevich


Born 1881, in Moscow; died June 3, 1938. Soviet biochemist. Graduated from Moscow University in 1901 and the Moscow Institute of Agriculture in 1904. He became a professor at Moscow State University in 1921. His main works are devoted to the theory of alcoholic fermentation. In 1911 he proposed a method for extracting a complex of enzymes from yeast. He proved that dioxyacetone is the intermediate product of alcoholic fermentation.


Khimicheskie issledovaniia nad vnekletochnym spirtovym brozheniem. Novocherkassk, 1913.


Zelinskii, N. D., and A. A. Dikanova. “Pamiati prof. A. N. Lebedeva (1881–1938).” Uspekhi khimii, 1938, vol. 7, fasc. 12.
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