Aleksandr Nikolaevich Miklashevskii

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Miklashevskii, Aleksandr Nikolaevich


Born Dec. 8 (20), 1864; died 1911. Russian economist; specialist on currency circulation.

Miklashevskii was a lecturer at Moscow University. In 1896 he became a professor of political economy at the University of lur’ev (now the University of Tartu). An advocate of monometallism, he helped implement the 1897 currency reform, which put Russia on the gold standard. In economic theory he shared many of the notions of vulgar political economy, especially the theory of marginal utility, and he gave a distorted interpretation of the essence of Marxism. During the Revolution of 1905 to 1907 he wrote a number of works in which, from the standpoint of bourgeois liberalism, he remarked on the oppressive condition of the workers. He translated into Russian the works of such classical bourgeois political economists as Quesnay, Turgot, and Ricardo.


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