Aleksandr Nikolaevich Shchukarev

Shchukarev, Aleksandr Nikolaevich


Born Nov. 2 (14), 1864, in Moscow; died Apr. 25, 1936, in Kharkov. Soviet physical chemist.

Shchukarev graduated from Moscow University in 1889 and worked there from 1891 to 1909. Beginning in 1911, he was a professor at the Kharkov Technological Institute (now the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute). Shchukarev’s main works were devoted to chemical kinetics and chemical thermodynamics, the study of solutions, thermochemistry, and electrochemistry. Shchukarev investigated critical phenomena in gas-liquid systems and in solutions. He designed an isothermic calorimeter for the study of slow thermal processes.


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