Aleksandr Petrov

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Petrov, Aleksandr Dmitrievich


Born Feb. 1 (12), 1794, in the village of Biserovo, Pskov Province; died Apr. 10 (22), 1867, in Warsaw. The strongest Russian chess player in the first half of the 19th century; chess theorist and writer on chess.

Petrov won many matches with outstanding chess players of Russia and Poland, including A. Gofman, K. A. Ianish, S. S. Urusov, and I. S. Shumov. A chess player of world class, he was invited to the first international chess tournament in London in 1851 but was unable to attend. Petrov wrote the first Russian textbook on chess and compiled complex and original chess problems. He is widely known for an opening he devised, the Russian, or Petrov, defense.


Shakhmatnaia igra, privedennaia v sistematicheskii poriadok, sprisovokupleniem igor Filidora i primechanii na onyia, izdannaia Aleksandrom Petrovym. St. Petersburg, 1824.


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