Aleksandr Petrovich Bariatinskii

Bariatinskii, Aleksandr Petrovich


Born 1798; died Aug. 19 (31), 1844 in Tobol’sk. Prince; Decembrist. Staff captain of a hussar regiment.

Beginning in 1821, Bariatinskii was an active figure in the Southern Society of Decembrists and a friend of P. I. Pestel’. In June 1923 he carried on negotiations in St. Petersburg about the merging of the Southern and Northern Societies. In November 1825 he was the leader of the Tul’chin town council. He was sentenced to a life term at hard labor, which was shortened to 20 years followed by settlement in Siberia. He was the author of the atheistic poem “On God” and the collection of verses in French entitled Leisure Hours in Tul’chin (1824).


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