Aleksandr Radtsig

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Radtsig, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich


Born Jan. 27 (Feb. 8), 1869, in Kaliazin District, now Kalinin Oblast; died Dec. 30, 1941, in the city of Bui, in what is now Kostroma Oblast. Soviet scientist in the field of heat and power engineering and applied mechanics. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1933).

Radtsig graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology in 1891. In 1900 he became a professor at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and in 1909 at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. His main works were devoted to the thermodynamics of vapors, the theory of heat exchange between steam and the cylinder walls of a steam reciprocating engine, the investigation of the equation of state of water vapor, the elaboration of the theory of efflux, the development of the theory of steam turbines, and new methods of designing turbines and condensers.


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