Aleksandr Raevskii

Raevskii, Aleksandr Sergeevich


Born Jan. 23 (Feb. 4), 1872, in Kharkov; died June 23, 1924, in Moscow. Soviet scientist and designer of steam locomotives.

Raevskii graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Technology in 1895. He became a designer at the Kharkov Steam Locomotive Plant in 1900 and at the Putilov (now the Kirov) Factory in Leningrad in 1910. Beginning in 1920 he was also a professor at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.

Raevskii designed numerous steam locomotives and the running gear of the Shchel diesel locomotive. He developed several types of steam locomotives beginning in 1917. Between 1921 and 1923 he designed the running gear and body of a diesel locomotive for the Ia. M. Gakkel’ system. Raevskii also developed a graphic and analytic method for designing counterweights and methods for calculating connecting-rod heads, crankpins, and the axles of wheel pairs.


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