Aleksandr Sergeevich Danilevskii

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Danilevskii, Aleksandr Sergeevich


Born Feb. 19 (Mar. 4), 1911, in the village of Olefirovka in present-day Poltava Oblast; died June 27. 1969, in Leningrad. Soviet entomologist; doctor of biological sciences (1962); professor (1963). Head of the entomology subdepartment (from 1955) and dean of the biology and soil science department of Leningrad State University (from 1966).

Danilevskii’s principal works are on the classification, ecology, and physiology of insects. His research and his school of ecologists experimenting on the problem of photo-periodism and seasonal-cyclic phenomena in arthropods represented an original ecological and physiological trend in entomology and culminated in the elaboration of a theory of synchronization of the annual cycle of insects with seasonal changes. Danilevskii studied the classification of Lepidoptera (especially horticultural pests). He created a new system of palaearctic Laspeyresiini based on their morphology and ecology. Danilevskii was awarded three orders, as well as medals.


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