Aleksandr Sergeevich Lukomskii

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Lukomskii, Aleksandr Sergeevich


Born July 10 (22), 1868; died Jan. 25, 1939, in Paris. Russian counterrevolutionary; lieutenant general (1916).

Lukomskii graduated from the Academy of the General Staff in 1897. In 1914-15 he was head of the office of the minister of war, and in 1915-16 he was also assistant minister of war; from October 1916 to April 1917 he was quartermaster general at General Headquarters. From June to August 1917 he was chief of staff for the supreme commander in chief. An active participant in the Kornilov movement, he was arrested on September 1 (14). On November 19 (December 2), with the aid of general N. N. Dukhonin, he fled from the Bykhov prison to Novocherkassk and took part in the formation of the White Guard Volunteer Army. In September 1918 he became assistant commander in chief of the Volunteer Army and head of the military and naval directorate (in effect, ministry) of General A. I. Denikin; from July 1919 to January 1920 he was chairman of the Denikin government, the so-called Special Conference. In March 1920 he left for Turkey, where he was General P. N. Wrangel’s representative attached to the Allied Committee in Constantinople. He was the author of Memoirs (vols. 1-2, 1922).

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