Aleksandr Virenius

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Virenius, Aleksandr Samoilovich


Born Apr. 19 (May 1), 1832, in St. Petersburg; died there Mar. 28 (Apr. 10), 1910. Russian hygienist. One of the founders of school hygiene.

Virenius graduated from the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy in 1857. For 30 years he worked as a school doctor at the Vvedensk Classical Gymnasium in St. Petersburg. He attributed great significance to the study of the physical development of students, which he considered to be closely related to mental and moral development. Virenius devoted much attention to the dissemination of information on school and juvenile hygiene. He took an active part in the work of such institutions as the Pedagogical Museum in St. Petersburg and the Russian Society for the Protection of Public Health.


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Zaraznye bolezni v uchebnykh zavedeniiakh. St. Petersburg, 1888.


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