Aleksandra Kornilova

Kornilova, Aleksandra Ivanovna


(married name, A. I. Moroz). Born Apr. 3 (15), 1853, in St. Petersburg; died after 1938. Revolutionary and Narodnik (Populist). The daughter of a merchant.

Kornilova became a member of the main St. Petersburg circle of Chaikovtsy (named after the alleged leader N. V. Chaikovskii), and she conducted propaganda among the workers of the city. Kornilova was arrested on Jan. 5, 1874, and at the Trial of the 193, in 1877-78, she was sentenced to exile in Siberia. She began working in the revolutionary Krasnyi Krest organization in Moscow in 1894. Kornilova worked in the museum of the Society of Political Prisoners after the October Revolution of 1917.


Perovskaia i kruzhok chaikovtsev. Moscow, 1929.
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