Aleksandra Potanina

Potanina, Aleksandra Viktorovna


Born Jan. 25 (Feb. 6), 1843, in the city of Gorbatov, now in Gorky Oblast; died Sept. 19 (Oct. 1), 1893; buried in Kiakhta. Russian explorer. Wife of G. N. Potanin.

Potanina took part in her husband’s expeditions to northwestern Mongolia (1876–77 and 1879–80) and to northern China, eastern Tibet, and central Mongolia (1884–86 and 1892–93). She died during the expedition of 1892–93. Potanina made valuable ethnographic observations and wrote works on the ethnography of Siberia and Central Asia, including The Buriats (1891). Her collection From Travels in Eastern Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet, and China was published in 1895, as well as a collection of articles.


Zarin, V. M. and E. A. Zarina. Puteshestviia A. V. Potaninoi. Moscow, 1950. (Contains bibliography of Potanina’s works.)
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