Aleksandropol Burial Mound

Aleksandropol’ Burial Mound


one of the Scythian “royal” burial mounds of the third century B.C., near the city of Nikopol’ in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR.

The Aleksandropol’ burial mound was investigated by A. Tereshchenko in 1852–54 and by A. E. Liutsenko in 1855–56. The graves of high-ranking persons in two of the chambers were looted in antiquity. There remain fragments of a chariot in the mound, the grave of a horse near the central burial chamber, and the skeletons of a man (possibly a servant) and 14 horses in the corridor of the same chamber. Near the horses were bridles and a saddle with gold and silver ornaments, which serve as examples of Scythian and Scytho-Greek art.


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