Aleksandrov, Vladimir

Aleksandrov, Vladimir Borisovich


(pseudonym of V. B. Keller). Born Aug. 9 (21), 1898, in Saratov; died Sept. 21, 1954, in Moscow. Soviet literary critic. Graduated from the faculty of social sciences of the University of Voronezh in 1923. Taught at higher educational institutions.

Aleksandrov started his literary activity in 1918. He wrote articles on A. S. Pushkin, N. A. Nekrasov, and F. M. Dostoevsky, in which he investigated problems of realism and ethnic identity in literature, as well as articles on B. L. Pasternak, K. M. Simonov, and A. T. Tvardovskii and the book Mikhail Isakovskii (1950).


Liudi i knigi. Moscow, 1956. (A collection of articles.)
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