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(Aleksii). Born between 1293 and 1298; died 1378. Russian metropolitan from 1354. Son of F. Biakont, a Chernigov boyar who transferred to the service of the Muscovite prince at the end of the 13th century.

During the reign of Ivan Ivanovich Krasnyi and the minority of prince Dmitrii Ivanovich Donskoi, Aleksei was in effect head of the government. He supported Dmitrii in his struggle against the Tver’ and Suzdal’-Nizhny Novgorod princes; he opposed the claims of the Lithuanian princes who were attempting to establish a separate metropolitanate in Kiev. Aleksei favored an agreement with the Golden Horde to prevent new invasions of Rus’.

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The natives of Kyrgyzstan, who worked as bus drivers did not run on their routes and demanding a salary increase in Yekaterinburg, the director of the Vostok transport company Aleksei Karpychev told to Euro-Asian News on July 9.
Speaking at a rare public discussion devoted to the pros and cons of the project during the Moscow Urban Forum in 2015, urban scientist Aleksei Novikov called the project a "huge mistake."
Wallace Hall Academy pupil Aleksei said: "I've always been fairly interested in space.
The gang - Evgenii Serebriakov, 37, Aleksei Morenets, 41, Oleg Sotnikov, 46, and Alexey Minin, 46 - could not be arrested as they held diplomatic passports.
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1727 - Peter II Aleksei (11) becomes czar of Russia
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Another Pskov resident, Aleksei, 23, was trained as a plumber, but he cannot find a plumbing job and said he has no choice other than to work unofficially at the city's building sites.
Aleksei Mozhin, the Dean of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board, said, "I am very pleased to announce that the Executive Board has adopted an open, merit-based, and transparent process for the selection of the Managing Director, similar to the one used in the previous round."

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