Aleksei Adrianovich Golovachev

Golovachev, Aleksei Adrianovich


Born Mar. 7 (19), 1819, in Korchev District, Tver’ Province; died there Feb. 12 (25), 1903. Russian public figure and publicist. Born into a family of the dvorianstvo (nobility or gentry).

Golovachev graduated from Moscow University in 1839. He actively participated in the preparation of the peasant reform of 1861 as the marshal of the nobility of Korchev District and as a member of the Tver’ provincial committee. His main works include Ten Years of Reforms, 1861–1871 (1872), Problems of the State Economy (1873), and A History of Railroads in Russia (1881). He contributed to such journals as Russkii vestnik, Russkie vedomosti, Vestnik Evropy, and Russkaia mysl’. As a publicist of a liberal-bourgeois and legal-Narodnik (legal-Populist) tendency, Golovachev defended the basic principles of the bourgeois reforms of the 1860’s and 1870’s.


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