Aleksei Bogdanov

Bogdanov, Aleksei Alekseevich


Born Feb. 12 (25), 1907, in Sukhumi. Soviet geologist. Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences (1945). Professor (1946); head of the subdepartment of historical and regional geology at Moscow State University. Honored Activist of Science and Engineering of the RSFSR (1967).

Bogdanov’s main work is on regional geology and tectonics (the northern Caspian Sea littoral, the Don Basin area, the Urals region, the Carpathian region, and central Kazakhstan). He is one of the principal authors and editors of the tectonic map of the USSR (1956) and of the international tectonic map of Europe (1960). In the field of theoretical tectonics, he has worked on such matters as foredeeps, marginal volcanic belts, structural stages in geology, aulakogenes, and the history and boundaries of the Western European platform. Bogdanov is general secretary of the commission on international tectonic maps, a corresponding member of the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin (1962), an honorary doctor of the University of Paris (1967), and an honorary member of the French, Belgian, Czechoslovak, and Swedish geological societies. He has been awarded two orders, as well as medals.


Tektonika Ishimbaevskogo Priural’ia. Moscow, 1947.
O nekotorykh problemakh tektoniki Evropy. Moscow, 1962.


“A. A. Bogdanov (k 60-letiiu so dnia rozhdeniia).” Vestnik Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta, Series 4, Geologiia, 1967, no. 1.
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