Aleksei Gorchakov

Gorchakov, Aleksei Ivanovich


Born May 20 (31). 1769, in Moscow; died Nov. 12 (24), 1817. Prince; general of the infantry (1814); nephew of the military leader A. V. Suvorov.

Gorchakov was a participant in the Russo-Turkish War of 1787–91 and the war with Poland of 1792–94. In 1799 he took part in the operations of General A. M. Rimsky-Korsakov’s corps in Switzerland. He was elected senator in 1804. In August 1812, Gorchakov became minister of war; he was in charge of bringing the organization of the war ministry to completion and of supplying the army. He failed at the latter task: he was implicated in embezzlement and malfeasance in the provisions department and was retired in 1816. Gorchakov died abroad.