Aleksei Isidorovich Kolomiichenko

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Kolomiichenko, Aleksei Isidorovich


Born Mar. 5 (17), 1898, in the small town of Shpola, in present-day Cherkassk Oblast. Soviet otorhinolaryngologist. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR since 1967; Honored Scientist of the Ukrainian SSR since 1955.

Kolomiichenko graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute in 1924. In 1944 he became a subdepartment chairman at the Kiev State Institute for the Advanced Training of Physicians. In 1960 he became director of the otorhinolaryngological research institute that he had organized in Kiev.

Kolomiichenko’s principal works have dealt with neoplasms of the ear, throat, and nose, otosclerosis, otogenic intracranial complications, the use of ultrasound in chronic tonsillitis, and vasomotor rhinitis. He was awarded the Lenin Prize in 1964 for perfecting surgical operations to improve hearing in otosclerosis and introducing them into clinical practice.

An otorhinolaryngological school grew up around Kolomiichenko. He has been editor in chief of the Zhurnal ushnykh, nosovykh igorlovykh boleznei (Journal of Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases) since 1958, and he has been chairman of the board of the Ukrainian Society of Otorhinolaryngologists since 1964.

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