Aleksei Nikolaevich Vyshnegradskii

Vyshnegradskii, Aleksei Nikolaevich


Born Nov. 25 (Dec. 7), 1851, in St. Petersburg; died there Apr. 29, (May 11), 1880. Russian organic chemist.

Vyshnegradskii graduated from the University of St. Petersburg in 1876. He was a student of A. M. Butlerov, in whose laboratory he worked from 1873. In 1878 when distilling cinchonine with potassium hydroxide he obtained quinoline and when distilling quinine, 6-methoxyquinoline. In 1880 he synthesized tetrahydroquinoline and ethyltetrahydropyridine and worked out a method of reducing organic compounds (particularly pyridine and its homologues) with metallic sodium in an alcoholic medium.


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