Aleksei Oboleshev

Oboleshev, Aleksei Dmitrievich


Born Feb. 24 (Mar. 8), 1854; died July 26 (Aug. 7), 1881. Russian Narodnik revolutionary. Descended from the nobility of Moscow Province; studied at Moscow University from 1873 to 1877.

Oboleshev joined the revolutionary movement in 1876 and was one of the founders of Land and Liberty. He helped draw up the organization’s program and by-laws and supervised its passport section and press. Arrested in 1878, he was imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress, where he refused to identify himself or give information. In 1880, under the name Saburov, he was sentenced to death, but the sentence was later commuted to 15 years’ hard labor. He died of tuberculosis in the Trubetskoi Bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

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