Aleksei Pavlovich Skliarenko

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Skliarenko, Aleksei Pavlovich


Born 1869 or 1870 in Vernyi, now Alma-Ata; died July 1916 in Petrograd. Participant in the revolutionary movement in Russia. Social Democrat and Bolshevik.

Skliarenko was the son of a physician. In 1886 he joined the Narodnik (Populist) movement and in 1887 was arrested and imprisoned in Kresty, a prison in St. Petersburg. He became acquainted with V. I. Lenin in Samara (now Kuibyshev) in 1889 and joined a Marxist circle in 1893. In 1894 he was arrested and exiled to Arkhangel’sk Province. From 1898 to 1903 he conducted party work, first in Tula and then at the construction site of the Chinese Eastern Railway in Harbin.

In 1903, Skliarenko went to work in St. Petersburg. He later settled in Saratov, where he joined the provincial committee of the RSDLP. From 1905 to 1907 he was a member of the Bureau of the RSDLP for the Central Region of Saratov and worked on the Samara committee of the RSDLP. He was a delegate to the Fifth Congress of the RSDLP (1907). In the same year, he was arrested and exiled to Ust’-Sysol’sk (now Syktyvkar). In 1911 he returned to St. Petersburg. Under the pseudonym Bosoi, he contributed to the Bolshevik newspapers Zvezda (Star) and Pravda and the journal Prosveshchenie (Enlightenment).


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