Aleksei Stetskii

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Stetskii, Aleksei Ivanovich


Born 1896 in the village of Borovshchina in Viaz’ma District, Smolensk Province; died Aug. 1, 1938. Soviet party figure. Member of the Communist Party from 1915.

The son of a civil servant, Stetskii entered the Petrograd Poly-technical Institute in 1915. In 1916 he joined the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP from the student Bolshevik faction. After being arrested and exiled to Perm’, he conducted party work in Moscow. During the February Revolution of 1917, Stetskii was an agitator for the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP(B) and then secretary of a factory workers’ committee and a member of the Vyborg Raion Committee. He was a delegate to the Sixth Congress of the RSDLP(B).

Stetskii fought in the October Armed Uprising in Petrograd and helped suppress the Kerensky-Krasnov counterrevolutionary rebellion. From 1918 to 1920 he conducted military, political, and staff work in the Red Army. From 1921 to 1923 he studied at the Institute of Red Professors. In 1923, Stetskii began working in various offices of the Central Control Commission and the Workers’ and Peasants’ Inspection. From 1926 to 1930 he was head of the press and propaganda and agitation board of the Northwestern Bureau of the Central Committee and the Leningrad Provincial Committee of the ACP(B). From 1930 to 1938 Stetskii was head of the Propaganda and Agitation Board of the Central Committee of the ACP(B).

Stetskii was a delegate to the Fourteenth through Seventeenth Party Congresses. At the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Congresses he was elected to the Central Control Commission, and at the Fifteenth through Seventeenth Congresses he was elected to the Central Committee.


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