Aleksei Vsevolodovich Rumiantsev

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Rumiantsev, Aleksei Vsevolodovich


Born Nov. 14 (26), 1889, in Tim District, in what is now Kursk Oblast; died Dec. 14, 1947, in Moscow. Soviet histologist.

Rumiantsev graduated from Moscow University in 1913 and worked there until 1930. From 1931 to 1934 he worked at the Institute of Experimental Morphogenesis. In 1935 he began working at the A. N. Severtsov Institute of Evolutionary Morphology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and in 1943 he simultaneously began working as a professor at the Third Moscow Medical Institute.

Rumiantsev’s principal works dealt with the histology of invertebrates, the structure of skin as a material for leather production, cytology (especially of protozoans), tissue culture, endocrinology, evolutionary histology, and the histogenesis of cartilaginous and bony tissues.


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