Aleksinskii, Grigorii

Aleksinskii, Grigorii Alekseevich


Born 1879. Russian political figure, initially a social democrat, later a counterrevolutionary.

Aleksinskii joined forces with the Bolsheviks during the period 1905–07. In 1907 he entered the social democratic faction of the Second State Duma. During the years of reaction, he was a Recaller, one of the organizers of the antiparty group Vpered (Forward). During World War I, he was a social chauvinist, a contributor to the monarchist newspaper Russian Will. In 1917 he joined the Menshevik group Edinstvo (Unity). During the July days of 1917, Aleksinskii engaged in slander against V. I. Lenin and the Bolsheviks. He was a White émigré from 1918. Abroad, he contributed to the counterrevolutionary organs Common Cause and Russian Newspaper.