alert notice

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alert notice (ALNOT)

A request originated by a flight service station (FSS) or an air route traffic control center (ARTCC) for an extensive communications search for an overdue, unreported, or missing aircraft. It is a message requesting that a communications search be expanded to all potential landing sites in the defined search area.
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A yellow alert notice means operating reserves have dropped below the required 647MW contingency in Luzon or equivalent to largest unit in Luzon which is the 647-MW coal-fired power plant in Sual, Pangasinan.
When I reached Heathrow airport, the immigration department stopped me and said they have received a red alert notice against me.
On the regulatory front, in May the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety issued an alert notice to state pipeline operators setting forth guidelines aimed at eliminating the risk of installing gas lines through sewer service laterals.
Immigration and Naturalization Service, distribution of the routine Health Alert Notice to all passengers arriving in the United States from Europe and Africa; and 3) distribution of an Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever Alert Notice (EVHFN) to any travelers who have recently been in Zaire--EVHFN instructs these travelers to contact a health-care provider if they develop a febrile illness during the 3 weeks after they arrive in the United States.
The Assam Government has issued an alert notice to 10 districts on the North bank of the River Brahmaputra to avert any possible disturbance in the wake of ongoing violence in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts.
When the aircraft did not arrive at its intended destination, an alert notice for a missing aircraft was issued.
amp;nbsp; The PATH alert notice simply read: "Due to a police investigation, all train service is suspended.
By the end of September 1994, CDC had produced six documents to distribute to public health officials: an outbreak notice; a plague advisory for travelers to India; a plague alert notice handed to passengers arriving from India, which described the symptoms of plague and urged them to seek medical attention if they developed a febrile illness within 7 days; recommendations for treatment and prophylaxis; guidelines for diagnosis and biosafety; and a review article in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
All passengers arriving on direct flights from India were provided a plague alert notice that described the symptoms of plague and urged them to seek medical attention if they developed a febrile illness within 7 days of disembarkation.
The network ran an alert notice on its website stating that an "incident" at the broadcast centre in Dubai resulted in a small fire that resulted in a power failure that led to disruption of some television services.