alert notice

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alert notice (ALNOT)

A request originated by a flight service station (FSS) or an air route traffic control center (ARTCC) for an extensive communications search for an overdue, unreported, or missing aircraft. It is a message requesting that a communications search be expanded to all potential landing sites in the defined search area.
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gt;2,700,000 yellow Health Alert Notices were handed out by Quarantine Officers to passengers disembarking from 11,840 flights from areas with SARS) to electronic (postings on Web sites and CDC's Secure Data Network).
Travel health alert notices (T-HANs) have been used since the 1970s by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC; Atlanta, GA, USA) as a communication tool for international travelers arriving in the United States during public health emergencies.
When I reached Heathrow airport, the immigration department stopped me and said they have received a red alert notice against me.
should have alerted the public with all sorts of caution and warning flags, are also the very ones that laugh and taunt him and his administration every time they raise the Homeland Security's national alert notice from yellow to orange.
Sources in local administration told that the Police high ups issued alert notice to police to make foolproof security arrangement on Eid.
eBay Toolbar powered by AtHoc, will offer the eBay community efficient end-of-listing alert notices, more convenient search functions and allow buyers to track their bidding activity more easily, even when they are away from the eBay site.
McGee continued, "And, network administrators won't have to run around to every desktop on the enterprise to make sure that they receive virus alert notices or to custom-install every system; it's done virtually with one mouse click.
The Personalization layer -- provides intelligent personalization capabilities, across Internet and wireless delivery channels, enabling customers to use wireless and web pages to select account names, alert notices on accounts (i.
This newly added feature gives consumers the ability to receive alert notices through a multitude of devices including email, cell phones, PDAs, pagers or the Web.
Motorola and Avis plan to expand the Avis Assist suite of offerings to include real-time traffic updates and alternate routes, as well as Amber Alert notices, later this summer.
He said HEC only publishes parent alert notices in the national press from time to time advising the students not to get admission in the institutions other than recognized with HEC.
I- T authorities have issued a notice to both Sinha and Sanjay Chaudhary to appear before them within 24 hours, or alert notices would be issued against them.