Alessandro Gavazzi

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Alessandro Gavazzi
BirthplaceBologna, Italy
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Gavazzi, Alessandro


Born Mar. 21, 1809, in Bologna; died Jan. 9, 1889, in Rome. Figure in the Italian national liberation movement, an outstanding popular orator.

During the Austro-Italian War of 1848-49, Gavazzi was a chaplain in a volunteer detachment. In the Roman republic of 1849 he was the chief priest of the people’s army. Gavazzi made flamboyant patriotic speeches and conducted a campaign among the masses against the papacy, against tyranny, and against the cowardly policies of the liberals. Gavazzi’s speeches had a tremendous revolutionary influence on the masses. From 1859, Gavazzi was an inseparable companion of G. Garibaldi in almost all his military campaigns (1859, 1860, 1866, and 1867). In the struggle against the secular power of the pope and against the abuses of the clergy, Gavazzi founded the Evangelical Church in Italy, which became the Free Christian Church in 1865.


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