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He topped off his preparations by retaining his title in the Aletsch mountain half marathon a fortnight ago.
The Deeside runner is planning to defend his title in next weekend's Aletsch half marathon in the Valais region of Switzerland.
The reservoir, behind the 50-year-old Gebidem arch dam, is fed by the Aletsch Glacier, the longest in Europe.
At over 3,400m altitude, the Aletsch glacier was chosen as the location for the Guinness world record because it is a powerful image of the strong impact of climate change on high mountain regions.
Caption: Water from the melting Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps runs down through a hole in 2015.
Felix enjoined everyone to keep praying....and we continued with the original plan for the week: First mass at Milan Cathedral; second mass at John the Baptist Cathedral, (which has custody of the Shroud of Turin); third mass at the Superga Basilica; fourth mass at Val Formazza; fifth mass at Aletsch Glacier; sixth mass in Switzerland; seventh mass at St.
The view from 11,332ft at the station restaurant over the Aletsch glacier is awe-inspiring.
Visit the Ice Palace and Sphinx Terraces that offer breath-taking views of the Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier in the Alps.
The group had set off from an Alpine hut earlier in the day to cross the famed Aletsch Glacier in southern Switzerland to the Fiescheralp area.
A research team was able to take advantage of this by placing three particle detectors in a railway tunnel that penetrates the bedrock beneath the base of the largest glacier in Europe: the Aletsch glacier in the Swiss Alps.