Alexander Abusch

Abusch, Alexander


Born Feb. 14, 1902, in Cracow. German publicist, literary critic, and public figure.

In 1918, Abusch joined the Communist Party of Germany. He has been a member of the United Socialist Party of Germany since 1946. In the 1920’s he wrote agitational verses and stories. After Hitler seized power, he joined the underground, living in France in 1939 and 1940. From 1941 to 1945 he edited the newspaper Freies Deutschland in Mexico. From 1958 to 1961 he was the minister of culture of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), and in 1961 he became deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the GDR.

Abusch is the author of The False Path of One Nation (1945, Russian translation 1962), Literature and Reality (1952), Johannes R. Becher (1953), Schiller: The Grandeur and Tragedy of a German Genius (1955, Russian translation 1964), and In the Ideological Battle for Socialist Culture (1957). In 1962 he published The Culture and Art of Socialist Humanism, and in 1966 he published Hraawsra and Realism in Literature (speeches and articles from 1927 to 1966).


Humanismus und Realismus in der Literatur. Leipzig, 1966.
Schriften, vols. 2–3. Berlin-Weimar, 1962–67.


“Porträt eines deutschen Kulturpolitikers.” Weltbühne, 1957, no. 7. Pages 207–11.
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Ademas de los mencionados, quienes tambien encontraron en Mexico una salvacion fueron la escritora Anna Seghers, la actriz Steffie Spira, el musico Hanns Eisler, el politico Paul Merker, el novelista Gustav Regler y el periodista y politico Alexander Abusch, entre otros.
El proyecto editorial fue apoyado por el entonces presidente Manuel Avila Camacho, quien puso a disposicion de los exiliados una imprenta en la que trabajaron entre otros Ludwig Renn, la traductora Jeanne Stern, Paul Merker y Alexander Abusch.
Alexander Abusch commented in the KPD-friendly Freies Deutschland, "They wanted to eradicate for all times the name of Lidice.
To begin, Alexander Abusch read his essay "Faust - Hero or Renegade in German Literature," which was published in the journal Sonntag four days later.