Alexander Bay

Alexander Bay,

town, part of the Richtersveld local municipality, Northern Cape prov., NW South Africa, where the Orange River enters the Atlantic Ocean. Especially rich alluvial diamond deposits were found in the area in the late 1920s.
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The drill will take place near Sidon's Serail and along the city's coastal front, focused on the area between Sidon's port and Alexander Bay.
Advertisements requesting public comment have been published for the five sites, including: one near Lamberts Bay; a second near Klawer; a third in the Richtersveld, south of Alexander Bay; a fourth near Witberg; and a fifth in the Roggeveld, between Matjiesfontein and Sutherland.
Oyster farming activities in Alexander Bay commenced in 1994.
After this period, the new farm in Algoa Bay, along with improved production on the west coast at Alexander Bay and Saldanha Bay oyster farms, offset the earlier declines and led to a stabilization of total production.