Haig, Alexander

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Haig, Alexander (Meigs, Jr.)

(1925–  ) soldier, public official; born in Philadelphia. He graduated from West Point (1947), served in Korea and Vietnam, and became military aide to Henry Kissinger (1969). President Nixon appointed him vice-chief of army staff and chief of White House staff (1973). Four-star General Haig was commander of NATO (1974–79); after retiring from the army, he was president of United Technologies (1979–81). President Reagan named him secretary of state (1981), but after feuding with other cabinet members over Middle East policy, he resigned under pressure in 1982.
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Summary: WASHINGTON: Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, a four-star general who served as a top adviser to three presidents and had presidential ambitions of his own, died Saturday of complications from an infection, his family said.
Alexander Haig, the Secretary of State, asked Reagan to approve continuing negotiations for the Law of the Sea Treaty.