Alexander Karadjordjevic

Alexander Karadjordjević or Karageorgevich:

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(Alexander Karadjordjević) , 1806–85, prince of Serbia (1842–58), son of Karageorge (Karadjordje). He was elected to succeed the deposed Michael of Serbia.
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, prince of Serbia; AlexanderAlexander,
1888–1934, king of Yugoslavia (1921–34), son and successor of Peter I. Of the Karadjordjević family, he was educated in Russia and became crown prince of Serbia upon the renunciation (1909) of the succession by his brother George.
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, king of Yugoslavia.
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A statement on behalf of Alexander Karadjordjevic, Crown Prince of the
It was preceded by long preparations and consultations among leaders of the Serbian diaspora including the author of this book, as well as Princes Andrej and Alexander Karadjordjevic, Alex Dragnic, Dragoslav Dordevic, and others.