Alexander Kazimirovich Jagello

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Alexander Kazimirovich Jagello


Born 1460; died 1506. Grand prince of Lithuania from 1492. King of Poland from 1501.

In 1492, Alexander Kazimirovich gave the feudal lords privileges that considerably curtailed the power of the grand prince by means of the Panskaia Rada (Assembly of Lords). In 1505 he introduced a general code of laws, the Constitution of Radom (Nihil Novi), which limited the power of the king in the interests of the magnates. He led a struggle against the Russian state to keep as part of Lithuania the Russian lands conquered earlier and to add new ones. Defeated in both wars against the Russian state (1492–94 and 1500–03), Alexander Kazimirovich was forced to recognize the annexation by Moscow of not only the upper (verkhovskie) principalities, but also the border Russian lands that had been captured earlier by Lithuania (Chernigov, Starodub, Novgorod-Seversk, Briansk, and others).


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