Alexander Nasmyth

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Nasmyth, Alexander

(nā`smĭth), 1758–1840, Scottish landscape and portrait painter. His Stirling Castle (National Gall., London) is a good example of his simple, picturesque Scottish scenes. His portrait of Robert Burns is in the National Gallery of Edinburgh. His son and pupil, Patrick Nasmyth, 1787–1831, was a celebrated landscapist. His At Penshurst, Kent is in the Metropolitan Museum.
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His father, Alexander Nasmyth, was a well-known landscape painter and fostered his son's love of art and drawing which he held throughout his life.
Although we all know what Robert Burns looked like from the painting by Alexander Nasmyth, right, Caroline and her team at the University of Dundee have created a life-size model of Burns' head, reconstructed using state-of-theart forensic technology.
Until now, the most famous image of Burns was the 18th-century portrait by Alexander Nasmyth, which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.
Among the iconic works held at the stunning Victorian Gothic building on Queen Street is the world's best-known portrait of Robert Burns, by Alexander Nasmyth, and of Mary, Queen of Scots.