Aleksandr Dmitrievich Protopopov

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Protopopov, Aleksandr Dmitrievich


Born Dec. 18 (30), 1866, in Moscow; died there Dec. 19, 1917 (Jan. 1, 1918). Russian reactionary political figure; large landowner and industrialist.

Protopopov was a member of the party of the Octobrists and a deputy to the Third and Fourth State Dumas. In 1914 he became assistant chairman of the Duma, where he sided with the so-called Progressive Bloc. In 1916 he became chairman of the Council of Congresses of Representatives of the Metalworking Industry. With Rasputin’s help, Protopopov assumed the post of minister of internal affairs in September 1916 and implemented a reactionary policy. One of Emperor Nicholas IPs closest advisers, he attempted to suppress the February Revolution of 1917 with military force. After the October Revolution of 1917 he actively opposed Soviet power. Protopopov was sentenced and shot by the Cheka.

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