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Turkey: see IskenderunIskenderun
, formerly Alexandretta
, city (1990 pop. 156,198), S Turkey, on the Gulf of Alexandretta, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea. The principal Turkish port on the Mediterranean, it has a large steel plant and is the terminus for an oil pipeline.
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98) See Statute of the Sanjak of Alexandretta, May 29, 1937, 18 League of Nations O.
diplomatic representation in southeastern Anatolia stretches back to 1869, when a consular agency was established in the ancient Mediterranean port city of Iskenderun, known then as Alexandretta.
The former province of Alexandretta, with its Turkish population, was granted autonomous rule.
Both believed the Turks would be crippled and the Middle East won militarily by coastal landings, though Lawrence favoured the area near Alexandretta in northern Syria and Aaronsohn recommended the terrain near Haifa.
Guclu, Yucel; Tha Question of The Sanjak Of Alexandretta, A Study Turkish-French-Syrian Relations, Turkish Historical Society Printing House, Ankara, 2001.
Julia and her father journey on the Orient Express across Europe to Istanbul, then by sea to Beirut, by train to Damascus, by camel into the desert, to Palmyra, Homs, and end in Alexandretta.
12) The cognitive map of Syrian Arab nationalism has been shaped as anti-Turkish and this feeling has intensified over the question of the Sanjak of Alexandretta, over which the Syrian side continued to claim sovereignty rights, despite the fact that it remained in Turkish territory.
Tibnin was one of a string of fortresses built by the crusaders along the Levantine coast stretching from the Gaza strip in the south to Alexandretta in present-day Turkey to the north.
3) Hence, Kemal settled on the existing borders of Turkey, forsaking the Mosul province which, minus present-day Alexandretta, the British had decided would be incorporated into the new state of Iraq, but could have been a natural expansion of the new Turkey
A permanent wedge was created with the nascent Republic of Turkey, whose territorial losses were nevertheless partially redeemed when Alexandretta, known as Iskenderun in Turkish, was cavalierly annexed in 1938.
In 2004, Bashar Assad's regime recognized Turkish sovereignty over the Sanjak of Alexandretta, or province of Hatay.
Alexandretta was given to the Turks; Lebanon became independent; Palestine was given to the Zionists and Israel was established.

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