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Turkey: see IskenderunIskenderun
, formerly Alexandretta
, city (1990 pop. 156,198), S Turkey, on the Gulf of Alexandretta, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea. The principal Turkish port on the Mediterranean, it has a large steel plant and is the terminus for an oil pipeline.
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Erdogan's determination to expand republic's revisionist policies leaves Iraqi and Syrian territories vulnerable to following the same path as Alexandretta province in the 1930s.
He had a near-obsession, strongly favouring the Alexandretta landing, rather than Gallipoli.
2008) A Case in French Colonial Politics of Architecture and Urbanism: Antioch and Alexandretta During the Mandate, unpublished Master thesis, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Department of History of Architecture, Ankara.
Syrian irredentist claims over Alexandretta (Hatay), disputes over sharing the waters of the Euphrates River, Syrian support to the PKK from 1980 to 1998, Turkey's recognition of Israel and later forming a strategic partnership with the number one enemy of the Arab states, and the two countries' siding with opposite camps during the Cold War were among the major reasons that prevented good neighborly relations between the two countries.
In the same vein the Syrian regime reacted to Turkey's hardening position by announcing three days ago that it will reinstate the province of Alexandretta on official school maps, showing it as part of Syria rather than Turkey, Hamadeh related.
Tens, hundreds or thousands of people have fled the Syrian city of Jisr Al-Shughur to Hatay (the Turkish name for the Province of Alexandretta, which until the recent past had been considered to have been usurped).
The two countries were foes for decades since France awarded the province of Alexandretta to Turkey when Syria was under French colonial occupation in the 1930s.
Syria under Bashar Assad has pledged to cede sovereignty over the disputed province of Alexandretta, while Turkish officials have moved relatively quickly to open borders and their economy to the Syrians.
95) They include Shanghai (96) and Tangier, (97) both established before World War I, and Alexandretta, (98) Saar, (99) Upper Silesia, (100) Memel, (101) and Danzig, (102) all established under the League of Nations.
Syria had lost Alexandretta, an Arabic-speaking Ottoman province that France, which then controlled Syria under a League of Nations mandate, ceded to the Republic of Turkey in 1939.
diplomatic representation in southeastern Anatolia stretches back to 1869, when a consular agency was established in the ancient Mediterranean port city of Iskenderun, known then as Alexandretta.

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