Alexander the Good

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Alexander the Good


Died 1432. Moldavian hos-podar from 1400. He furthered the consolidation of the independence of the Moldavian state and the establishment of its army, economy, and judicial system and attained a certain degree of centralization of the state apparatus and subordination of the church to the power of the hospodar.

Under Alexander the Good, the Boiarskaia Rada (feudal council) took final shape; the independent Suceava Met-ropolia was also founded. He furthered the development of cities by dispensing trade privileges to merchants. Alexander the Good successfully defended the independence of Moldavia against the Tatar khans and against Polish and Hungarian feudal lords. In 1422 he gave military aid to Poland in its battle with the Teutonic Knights at Malbork.


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The hrisov of Suceava, issued in 1400 by Alexandru cel Bun, concludes a trade convention with the wax merchants from Pocutia, due to he allows the bee wax from Moldova to be collected on condition that in accordance with Bacau's customs they had to pay in a stone of wax, which was a piece of wax of 3.
The sons of Alexandru cel Bun, Ilie and Ctefan, followed the good example of their father making donations of apiaries to the worthy ones, which shows the value the princes treasured by this gift that brought large incomes to their recipients.
Contractor address : Bld Alexandru cel Bun, Nr 1, Scara C, Ap 4 , Localitatea Bacau , Cod postal 600057 , Romania ,
She visited the Theoretical Lyceum Alexandru cel Bun in Bender and learned about the practical difficulties the school faces in maintaining its operations as a Moldovan-administered school teaching in the Latin script.
Service contract for surveillance, prevention, control and eradication of animal diseases, those transmitted from animals to humans, protectiaanimalelor and environmental protection, identification and registration of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats of sanitary veterinary Alexandru cel Bun, Bara, Candesti, Damuc, Dobreni Dochia, Dragomiresti, Dumbrava Rosie, Gadinti, Grumazesti, Hangu, Horia, Oniceni, Pangarati, Poiana Teiului, Rediu, Roman, Sagna, Tazlau, Trifesti, Tamaseni and Bear Valley in Neamt county.
Total quantity or scope: LOT 1 - CSVA ALEXANDRU CEL BUN - 54.
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