Alferov, Nikolai

Alferov, Nikolai Semenovich


Born Sept. 13 (26), 1917, in the village of Kompaneevka, in what is now Kirovograd Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Soviet architect. People’s Architect of the USSR (1978). Member of the CPSU since 1943.

Alferov graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Municipal Construction in 1940 and received the degree of doctor of architecture in 1963. He taught at the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute beginning in 1946. He became a professor there in 1964 and was named rector of the institute in 1972. His projects in Sverdlovsk include the reconstruction of the Ia. M. Sverdlov Memorial Museum (1948), residential buildings on Malyshev and Sverdlov streets (1955), the hydraulic machine shop of a turbine engine plant (1956), and an architectural ensemble on History Square (1974).

Alferov has been awarded three orders and various medals.


Zodchie starogo Urala. Sverdlovsk, 1960.