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Mucha, Alphonse

(älfôNs` mo͝okh`ä), 1860–1939, Czech artist. Mucha's art nouveauart nouveau
, decorative-art movement centered in Western Europe. It began in the 1880s as a reaction against the historical emphasis of mid-19th-century art, but did not survive World War I.
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 style, characterized by twisting, swirling flower and hair motifs, set the style for poster art for a generation. He created celebrated posters for Sarah BernhardtBernhardt, Sarah
, 1844–1923, stage name of Rosine Bernard, French actress, b. Paris. At age 13 she entered the Paris Conservatory, and later attracted attention during appearances at the Odéon (1866–72).
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 and designed sets and costumes for her plays. In his later works, primarily academic paintings, Mucha glorified the Slavic peoples.


See biography by his son, J. Mucha (1966); his posters and photographs, ed. by J. Mucha et al. (1972); his graphic work, ed. by J. Mucha (1974); his work in general, ed. by A. Husslein-Arco, J. L. Gaillemen, M. Hilaire, and C. Lange (2009).

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As pointed out by Reznikow, out of it came artists of the magnitude of Frantisek Kupka and Alfons Mucha. We can add Milan Kundera, to mention at least three that both cultures share.
Nearby is St Vitus, Wenceslas and Adalbert Cathedral, founded in 1344 and with highlights including the chapel of St Wenceslas, and a huge window by star of the art nouveau movement Alfons Mucha.
It is exhibitions like the small but fascinating one dedicated to the work of Alfons Mucha that bring home just how fiercely proud the Czech people are of their national identity.
The interiors throughout are decorated with works in many media by the finest Czech artists of the century, including Alfons Mucha (see Illus.
The captivating album cover features a detail of an Alfons Mucha poster.
Prior Information Notice without call for competition for Design of the road alignment and width of the new road layout III / 00732 to a new route, led street Alfons Mucha.
The project is to design directional guidance and the width of the newly III/00732 road to new routes, lane guidance Alfons Mucha, across the back of Vinohrady, around the village Otvice connected to road I/13 on the interchange at DPmCHJ.Do estimated value includes estimated value of the options to provide additional works amounting to 30% of the expected value of its contract.