Alfonso Grosso

Grosso, Alfonso


Born 1928 in Seville. Spanish writer.

Grosso is an outstanding exponent of the so-called young, or objective, novel. His novels The Ditch (1961) and The Dazzling Blue Sky (1961: Russian translation. 1967) provide a social investigation of the Spanish province with its acute contradictions. The novels The Nets, Good Friday (1963; Russian translation, 1964) and The Pilgrimage, which make up the trilogy To the Left of the Sun, express the social tragedy of the Spanish toilers. Grosso published the collection Germinal and Other Stories (1963) and books of essays and travel notes. The book Downstream (1966. jointly with A. López Salinas) is a documentary that exposes the exploitation of farm laborers in the south of Andalusia. The novel Typhoon Inez Is Approaching (1968) reflects his impressions of a trip to revolutionary Cuba.


Testa de Copo. Barcelona, 1963.
Cuadros de Interior. [Barcelona] 1966.
In Russian translation:
Oslepitel’no goluboe nebo. Foreword by L. Ospovat. Moscow. 1967.


Ferres, A. “Noticia de Alfonso Grosso.” Realidad. February 1966.


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