Alfonso IX

Alfonso IX,

1171–1230, Spanish king of León (1188–1230), son and successor of Ferdinand II. He conquered from the Moors several cities in Extremadura and was frequently at war with Alfonso VIII of Castile. His marriages with Teresa of Portugal and Berenguela of Castile were both annulled by the pope. He defeated (1230) the Moors at Mérida. His son by Berenguela, Ferdinand III, reunited (1230) León and Castile.
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The disaster of Alarcos, a crusade called against Alfonso IX of Leon, wars between peninsular powers, the death of an Aragonese king to a fever, and famines wracked the Iberian Peninsula within five years alone (1).
Ademas del adecuado funcionamiento de las seis secciones previstas, cuyas conclusiones se adjuntan, y que fueron leidas en la clausura del congreso, se pronunciaron las siguientes conferencias generales: Jose Luis Peset Reig (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas) y Elena Hernandez Sandoica (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): <<La universidad espanola contemporanea a examen>>; Luis Enrique Rodriguez-San Pedro Bezares (Centro Alfonso IX de Historia de las universidades de la Universidad de Salamanca): <<Las universidades hispanicas, siglos XV-XVIII.
THE last time they were recorded in Wales, Richard Lionheart was forming an alliance with Philip II of France, Alfonso IX became King of Leon and Newgate Prison was built in London.