Alfonso XII

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Alfonso XII,

1857–85, king of Spain (1874–85), son of Isabella IIIsabella II,
1830–1904, queen of Spain (1833–68), daughter of Ferdinand VII and of Maria Christina. Her uncle, Don Carlos, contested her succession under the Salic law, and thus the Carlist Wars began (see Carlists).
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. He went into exile with his parents at the time of the revolt of the CarlistsCarlists,
partisans of Don Carlos (1788–1855) and his successors, who claimed the Spanish throne under the Salic law of succession, introduced (1713) by Philip V. The law (forced on Philip by the War of the Spanish Succession to avoid a union of the French and Spanish
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 in 1868 and was educated in Austria and England. In 1870 his mother abdicated her rights in his favor, and in 1874 he was proclaimed king. Supported by Martínez de CamposMartínez de Campos, Arsenio
, 1831–1900, Spanish general. He served in Morocco (1859–60), in Mexico (1861–63), and in Cuba (1869–72). He played a leading role in the proclamation (1874) of Alfonso XII as king and helped bring the Carlist Wars to an
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 and Cánovas del CastilloCánovas del Castillo, Antonio
, 1828–97, Spanish conservative politician, historian, and man of letters. During Spain's recurrent political crises from 1868 to 1874, he took the lead in advocating the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy.
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, he consolidated the monarchy, winning greater popularity for it than it had enjoyed under his mother or grandfather, Fernando VII. He was a victim of the cholera epidemic of 1885. His widow, Maria ChristinaMaria Christina
, 1858–1929, queen of Spain, consort of Alfonso XII. An Austrian archduchess, she was married to Alfonso in 1879. After his death, she was regent (1886–1902) for his posthumous son, Alfonso XIII, but took very little part in political affairs.
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 (1858–1929), was regent during the minority of his posthumous son, Alfonso XIII.
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24, 1892, nearly two decades after King Alfonso XII of Spain issued a decree for the establishment of a railroad system in Luzon.
Maybe our pera was born of both the Lion dog lookalike and the Queen's playtime amusements--there are least three suspects other than the lace-loving Francisco de Asis as biological father of Her Majesty's son and successor Alfonso XII.
El motivo de su cambio de opinion se nos muestra claro al analizar las etiquetas de los pliegos que conforman la coleccion del Real Colegio Alfonso XII: aunque el canonigo orensano conoce la obra impresa de Cavanilles, no la sigue, sinonimizando y creando nuevos nombres, innecesarios en opinion del botanico valenciano, quien se siente molesto con su actitud; valgan algunos ejemplos: Myosotis scorpioides L.
Matrimonio de Alfonso XII y Maria Cristina Habsburgo Lorena.
He traces the changes in the Japanese aristocracy's interaction with the Mexican diplomats they initially rebuffed and the evolution of Alfonso XII's pursuit of a "modernized hispanismo" in the form of an Ibero-American Commonwealth, as well as the daily activities of Franz von Papen, who planned to sabotage the Panama Canal and organize leftist militants to slow down Allied war production during World War I, and Wilhelm Canaris, the military and naval intelligence officer who worked to ensure that German armaments capabilities continued to develop despite official proscriptions aimed at ensuring disarmament.
And the AC Palacio Del Retiro, a five-star at Calle Alfonso XII 14 in the Salamanca district (00 34 91 523 7460;, has doubles from [ETH]270, room only.
View to a thrill Built in 1930, Nerja Parador (historic national hotel) was the wish of King Alfonso XII, famous for the 'Balcn de Europa'.
Entre los amigos destacados el propio rey Alfonso XII. Otros, que ya eran conocidos del Marques, como Duran i Bas o el poeta Jacinto Verdaguer, Alejandro Pidal y Mon, la familia Ybarra y en general toda la burguesia catalana y de la cornisa vasco-cantabrica.
THROUGH THE AGES: Clockwise from top left, Alfonso XII built by Wigham Richardson in 1888; the Tyne Pride supertanker is launched in 1975; lined up under the ship's propeller; and workers help to construct the liner Mauretania in 1906.