see Al-FarghaniAl-Farghani
or Alfraganus
, d. after 861, Arab astronomer. Al-Farghani was born in Farghana, Transoxania (present-day Fergana, Uzbekistan), and died in Egypt. His most important work, written between 833 and 857, is Elements,
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He based his conclusion on the ninth century Baghdadi commentator on Ptolemy, Alfraganus (Al-Farghani), who had corrected Ptolemy's length of a terrestrial degree; Alfraganus was cited in the Ymago Mundi of Pierre D'Ailly (printed in Louvain in 1483), which was consulted by Columbus.
Al-Sulaiti referred to the eighth century philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi, who analysed the studies Plato and Aristotle from Islamic perspective, the 19th century's scientist Ahmad Al-Farghani, also known as Alfraganus in the West, who authored "Elements of Astronomy on the Celestial Motions".
Amongst Islamic writers, the most important are: Albumasar, Alfraganus, Alchabitius, Avicenna, and Averroes.