Alfred Deakin

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Deakin, Alfred

(dē`kĭn), 1856–1919, Australian political leader. He held office in various ministries and aided in the fight for federation of the Australian states. He accomplished a great deal in social legislation, irrigation, defense, and preferential tariffs. At first attorney general of Australia (1901), he later was prime minister in three different fusion governments (1903–4, 1905–8, 1909–10).
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Looking at Australian and American experience comparatively and transnationally, I came to better understand the racial coding of the pride in self-government and the tendency of colonial liberals such as Alfred Deakin and American suffragists such as Carrie Chapman Catt to attribute such importance to being members of 'self-governing' communities.
Humphreys shows how Fisher refused to buckle under a sustained scare campaign by anti-Labor politicians, including, most notably, Alfred Deakin, in conjunction with a jingoistic conservative press, aimed at forcing his government to overturn its plans to develop an Australian navy in favour of gifting the British government with Dreadnought (to be funded by a loan).
At the time I thought that was far sighted, but I subsequently discovered that Alfred Deakin had recognised the potential of the relationship 100 years ago.
Uno de los viajeros, Alfred Deakin (1893), australiano, que habia recorrido el oeste de Estados Unidos, Italia y Egipto, informa de su observacion de la India (1890 y 1891) que en el norte de este pais el ingeniero es un gobernante de hombres, y propone separar la tecnologia de la politica (pp.
Alfred Deakin, Australia's second Prime Minister, could write in his spare time a column for a London paper (anonymously) reflecting on colonial politics while, in 1909, the Federal Cabinet debated whether a minister could be spared to attend a meeting of the Geelong Fire Brigade.
Her best-known play, Tether a Dragon (1952), about the early Australian prime minister Alfred Deakin, was conceived while she was in the process of researching her first nonfiction piece, Australia: Her Story: Notes on a Nation (1953; rev.
Minister for Education, Shane Rattenbury, and Minister for Sport and Recreation, Yvette Berry, today visited Alfred Deakin High School with members of the Weston Creek Woden Dodgers basketball team to have a look at the clubs new training facilities.
Cassie Duykers, Nhulunbuy High School, NT; Brad Wilkin, Alfred Deakin High School, ACT; Donna Azzi, Ashcroft High School, NSW; Mady Colquhoun, Armadale Primary School, WA and George Darby, Launceston Church Grammar School, TAS, travelled to Henbury Station to participate in eight days of the survey.
Named after the country's second prime minister, Alfred Deakin, the university presently receives more than A$ 600 million in operating revenue annually, and controls over A$ 1.
So Alfred Deakin, for instance, is at great pains to distinguish himself from those, such as the free-trader George Reid, who define themselves as anti-socialists.
Thus, in describing the opening ceremony, she generally pans over Alfred Deakin, Edmund Barton and Billy Hughes, but spotlights Janet Lady Clarke.
Those covered include Billy Blue, Sir Henry Browne Hayes, Lola Montez, Alfred Deakin, Rosa Praed, Bee, Bea or Beatrice Miles, William Chidley, Arthur Stace (the Eternity man), Percy Grainger, Manning Clark, Olive Pink, Louis de Rougemont, Dulcie Deamer, Eve Langley, Rosaleen Norton and a host of other minor, lesser known eccentrics.